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Amedeo Jungle was the first film of the Guenther Cinematic Universe. Filmed in the forests preserves near Palatine, IL in summer 1981, the filmed gained large acclaim throughout the Guenther Family for its' unique and revolutionary special effects.


Raulin, a former Knight of Stormwind, and his rag-tag team of nobles have searched for the Lost Star, a magical and legendary blade made from a meteorite, for several years. Their journey has taken them to Giant Island, Gilgabolt Mountain, Ogre dens, and now the treacherous forests of Amedeo Jungle. Once in the dense wood, one of the men is ambushed and captured by a dangerous Giant and taken deep into the savage cities within the Jungle. With only there wits, Raulin, James, and Mike set off to rescue their friend, and continue their prolonged quest to find the Lost Star. They head off, meeting an old sage that tells gives them directions to the Wizard's fortress. Raulin and the group are attacked by a patrol of pirates in the wood, but defeat them quickly. After James shaves his mustache, the nobles find the Wizard's fortress. After his guards dismiss them as mere chumps, the two groups break out into a brawl. The Wizard emerges and calls his guards off, and they discuss where the Giant has taken Simon.


  • Amedeo Jungle, like many locations in the Guenther Cinematic Universe, was originally a location in the fantasy-game Dungeons and Dragons
  • Though the first film in the franchise, Amedeo Jungle is actually the fifth in films' continuity timeline