Tanner Profile

Brigadier General Derek Tanner was an Imperial States soldier, loyalist, and patriot of the old America.

Service Edit

Tanner was a highly respected sabotage and espionage black ops operative for the U.S. special forces.

Background Edit

Shortly after the war began, then a Staff Sergeant, Tanner was tasked as a sleeper-cell within the rebellion high command structure. Tanner's diligence gained him the rank of Lt. Commander under the guise of an administrative officer. This new authority gave Tanner the pay-grade to complete his true initiative. He ordered two rebellion battalions against the other, claiming that the other was hostile. By time the battalion leaders had realized Tanner had betrayed them the majority of their men had already died, and Tanner escaped to rejoin the Special Forces Brigade. Tanner was soon after transferred to General Richard Shepherd and the Imperial Reserve Army.

Along with Shepherd, Tanner defected to the Rebellion to Restore Freedom, under Navy SEAL Captain Tyler Meyer.

Rebellion to Restore Freedom Edit

After following Shepherd in defection, Tanner became the youngest officer in history to hold a position as an adjutant general. The title served more as a courtesy than actual function, as Tanner was almost always a field agent.