Lord Heirick

Sir Heirick of House Corrin or The Lord Corrin was the Lord Commander of the Royal Honor Guard during and after the events of The Bloody Expedition of the Royal Knights. He served as the primary Hand of the King and was highly respected throughout Chippewa.

Early Career Edit

Heirick was a high-born nobleman's son and quickly attained knighthood, rising through the King's ranks. When appointed the new Lord Commander, ambition and pride clouded his judgement.

When the King's daughter was spending the summer in Chippewa, Heirick regarded the local natives as a nuisance rather than a serious threat. He placed a small guard detail of two "Bloody" Royal Knights to protect her cabin, both of whom are killed by angered Walkki Talkki Tribesmen.

For months, the King desperately searched for his daughter, and when a party led by Lord Robert Simon was ambushed, the Sword of the Lost Star fell into corrupted hands. The Princess escaped, but the cost was too great.

Later Life Edit

Lord Heirick-0

Lord Heirick (right) often reflected on his faults and victories in the Tall Tale Tavern

"The King gave his best knight the Sword of the Lost Star, a magical Sword capable of cutting through the thickest of bone... but before they even made it to the camp, they were ambushed by the tribe's best warriors, and they were all killed" - Journal of The Lord Corrin, 1st Edition

In Heirick's sunset years, he spent much time reminiscing with fellow veterans of the crusades in the infamous Tall Tale Tavern, telling story's of the Lost Star and endlessly searching for it. Blaming himself and his own ambitions for the fall of English rule, he was desperate to redeem his honor. So when whispers of the Walkki Talkki tribe came to the tavern one night, he found a new goal: Find and reclaim the Sword of the Lost Star, and with it, his honor.

Death Edit

Heirick sporting a shield from the Bloody Royal Knights

As was his hubris decades earlier, The Lord Corrin failed to foresee where his obsession with honor and ambition would lead. Rallying his fellow banner-men, Heirick double-crossed Simon, Raulin, and James, three men intent on finding the Sword for their own purposes. Outmatched by skill and age, he foolishly marched against the youthful knights. Corrin and his men were killed, leaving nothing but a story and a fading legacy.

Trivia Edit

  • After the events of "The Bloody Expedition of the Royal Knights", Heirick sported the banner of the Bloody Royal Knights, a Blue-cross rather than the tradition Red-cross, in remembrance for Lord Robert, one of his true friends
  • In 2007's "The Search for the Lost Star" Richard Guenther played a character credited as "Veteran Scum", later reconned as Heirick
  • In the 2015 expansion "The Bloody Expedition of the Royal Knights", Eric Guenther portrayed Heirick