James of Caulron KSH was a young nobleman who has appeared many times during The Search for the Lost Star saga.

Early life Edit

James was born into a large family as the youngest of 6 sons, eager to prove himself better among his brothers, at an early age he set out to find a chance to prove his worth. During his time traveling he often made stops at the Tall Tale Tavern eventually, meeting the knight Simon, and the squire Raulin beginning the search for the blade of the lost star.

Tragedy Edit

After splitting up with the group, James, came across Cauldron: the town in which he was born. James then made his way to his old home, hoping that he might share tales of his travels with his brothers, But where the house once stood only ash remained. James began to ask the townspeople what had happened to his former home.They spoke of a bandit group years before that had pillaged the town, and burned down many buildings, and killed James's kinsmen. He then joined The Order of the Silver Hand, an order of knights dedicated to the slaughter of all bandits across the land. Afterwards James swore that he would find the Lost Star, and use it to kill those who had destroyed his home, thus avenging his fallen brethren.