Jessie Profile

Jessie was a 2nd Lieutenant in the armed forces of the United and later Imperial States of America. A world re-known Green Beret, she served several years with her twin sister, Bessie.

Military Service Edit

An expert in assassination and sabotage, Jessie and Bessie quickly rose as highly respected cadets at Westpoint, graduating tops in their class. Their promise brought Navy SEAL Captain Tyler Meyer to take a personal interest in their final deployments.

Defection Edit

When Meyer and his faction defected, the twin's were the first to follow. As the Imperial government quickly set up a task force to hunt down the Meyer's faction, High Command began laying waste to any city associated with the so-called rebellion. General Richard Shepherd was placed in command of the manhunt, along with Staff Sergeant Derek Tanner.

Final Stand and Death Edit

Unknown to the SSIE twins, Shepherd and Tanner were actually rebel sympathizers and were looking to join Meyer's cause. If Shepherd was really the officer his reputation lead Meyer to believe, what better test than to kill two of the most feared black ops combatants since the second world war?

When Shepherd's task force assaulted Meyer's safe house, Jessie opened fire. When Bessie was killed, she launched an RPG at the formidable foes, unsuccessfully. Shepherd hit Jessie in the chest, and then finished his objective, and executed her on site.