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Lost Star: Giant Island 
is the second installment of The Lost Star Prequel Trilogy. It follows the nobles Raulin, Simon, and James while they search Giant Island for the legendary Lost Star blade.


The film opens with Raulin, Simon, and James advancing into the jungles of Giant Island. They encounter a patroling Giant, and are able to defeat him with their magical weapons. Tensions begin to rise between Simon and Raulin, but James pulls them back to the primary objective. The group decides to search Wild Growth Forest, on the eastern half of the island. Before continuing, the three exchange their iron armor for cloth armor, for the weight has taken a toll on stamina and morale.

Newly equiped and fresh, Raulin, James and Simon continue to Wild Growth Forest, where they find a dead group of Giants. Simon recalls hearing legends of an evil sorceress group that can teleport and even change form, capable of destroying entire mountains. They are the only plausible culprit for the defeated Giants.

In need for a new defense, Simon calls upon the Good Sorceress Jessica the Great. She arrives and grants the trio magical defensive shields to face the Sorceress Pack. While tracking the pack down, Simon is challenged to a death duel. The battle is eventually won by Simon.

The Sorceress Pack is finally found, and unable to defeat the nobles, due to their shielding. They are defeated by Raulin and James, with all three killing the leader together. Tired and demoralized, they meet an old Sage at the docks, who tells them the Lost Star was taken to the forests of Amedeo Jungle. 


  • This film was dedicated in loving memory of Leroy and Nancy Guenther