Simon, James and Raulin set out to find Chief Bhikki Bhakki and to claim the Lost Star for themselves.


After meeting up at the Tall Tale Tavern, our adventurers set out to find the chief of the Whakki Takki tribe. Along the way they encounter a demonic sorcerer, as well as an old friend who has helped them in the past. After a long and arduous journey they finally come face to face with Chief Bhikki Bhakki and the Lost Star. Simon claims the blade for himself and must battle from within to overcome being corrupted by it.

Inspiration for the filmEdit

This one was a long time coming after the previous film in the Lost Star saga being released in 2012. Before penning the screenplay, I knew that the final film in the Lost Star series needed to have references to its original films, dating back to 2007. I knew from the start that I wanted obtaining the blade to have lasting consequences for whomever took it. As the characters developed over the years, it became clear that Simon would be the character to take the blade from Bhikki Bhakki, and so he did. I had considered two different endings for the film, one being that James and Raulin remained dead after Simon had killed them while being corrupted. This ending would have had Chief Bhikki Bhakki taking the blade from Simon only long enough for him to see his good work before forcing Simon to once again take up the blade and serve him for eternity, forever corrupted by its power. This would have been called the "Game of Thrones" ending, but instead I decided to go with the "Disney" ending where everyone ends up living (except for Bhikki Bhakki). I will miss filming this saga but have enjoyed making every bit of it. They are ours to cherish forever, even after we've succumbed to old age.