Raulin of Stormwind

Sir Raulin of Stormwind

Sir Raulin of Stormwind, HKS, was an ambitious and adventurous nobleman. He has appeared in several Guenther Cinematic Films, first in Amedeo Jungle.

Early LifeEdit

The first son of Lord Greystone, Raulin was boarded at the Stormwind Barracks. He left the safety of the city's walls at age 9, a young squire seeking adventure and success.

New QuestEdit

See: The Search for the Lost Star (film)

He met former Knight Simon, and nobleman James in the Tall Tale Tavern, nearly 100 miles from Stormwind. Soon after, Raulin began his quest with the trio that would last nearly a decade.

Encounters and Journey's:


At age 16, after years of searching for the Lost Star, Raulin eventually returned to Stormwind to resupply, and took the opportunity to complete his chivalry oath over a decade before. He advanced in fencing and dueling, and finally became an Honorary Knight of Stormwind.

Expedition to Amedeo JungleEdit

See: Amedeo Jungle (film)

He then returned to his quest, fresh and revived, with new hopes. The trio meets Mike, a young traveler from Gilgabolt, and accept him into their group. After searching thoroughly through Amedeo Jungle, the group makes camp. While collecting firewood, Simon is captured by a Giant and taken. 

James and Mike want to abandon Simon, claiming he'd only take the sword for himself. However, Raulin convinces them to rescue him. They continue throughout the woods to find the mysterious and unpredictable Wizard of Amedeo, to help them find their friend and continue their noble crusade.