Shepherd Profile

General Richard Shepherd was an officer in the United States military during and prior to the Second American Civil War. During the war, he rose to the rank of Lieutenant General, and was placed directly at the head of Imperial High Command. He is most well-known for defecting to the Rebellion to Restore Freedom.

Background Edit

A young and prominent member of the military, Shepherd made a name for himself in discovering rebel factions during the early days of the civil war, eventually attaining the rank of Lieutenant General. His successes lead to his appointment of Commander of the Reserve Army, and control of Operation ANNIHILATION. When POTUS dissolved the Senate and declared that the United States of America was to be reorganized in the Imperial States of America, Shepherd was promoted to a four-star flag rank. Shepherd quickly realized that the country he'd fought so hard to defend had rotted from within. His principles now outweighed his longing for personal glory.

Defection Edit

Shepherd and his aide de camp Sgt. Tanner took the guise of hunting down AWOL Navy SEAL Tyler Meyer, the two defected to the Rebellion to Restore Freedom, unknown to Imperial High Command