Simon of York

Simon, former Royal Honor Guard

Sir Simon II of York or more well known simply as Simon, was an English nobleman and Royal Commander who defected and became an explorer of the Chippewa region, along with Raulin of Stormwind and James of Cauldron. He was a generational descendant of Simon I of York, whom once wielded the Sword of the Lost Star.

Early LifeEdit

As a young Knight, Simon was enduldged into the Royal Honor Guard, the protective units of King Richard III and his family. About a year before the events of The Search for the Lost Star, Simon defected the Royal Honor Guard after his unit was killed by Black Marauders on an expedition through Amedeo Jungle.

New BeginningEdit

Simon made his way to the Tall Tale Tavern, ashamed for his failures. Their he met young squire named Raulin, and a young nobleman James. The three overheard veteran crusaders talking about the Lost Star, a sword of untold powers. Simon goes over, and the elders tell the three men about the failed rescue attempt of the King's Daughter, and the new whereabouts of the sword. Simon makes a private vow, to completely forget his previous life and start his new with his young new friends and his newly formed noble quest.

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