Lord Robert

Lord Robert Simon of York, better known as the Keeper of the Lost Star or Simon the First was the Lord Commander of the Bloody Royal Knights. He held the power of The Lost Star, the most powerful blade in history, a weapon forged from the remnants of an ancient meteorite. He commanded the Bloody Royal Knights, a renown team of unparalleled swordsmanship.

Rescue Party and Final DefeatEdit

When a scout of Waulki-Talki native's captured the King's Daughter, the Governor ordered the only sensible thing; rescue the Princess, by force rather than threat of force.

With orders coming directly from King Richard himself, the Keeper of the Lost Star took a team of his best knights and advanced toward the Indian encampment. The Northern Legions were fighting in the crusades with Richard, and therefore were unable to support the rescue mission. Before the rescue party arrived, they were ambushed by the tribe's best warriors, and were all killed, leaving the sword of the Lost Star to fall into unworthy hands.


After the defeat of the Expedition at Chippewa, the British Rule over the region fell into chaos. Governor Tarkin, with no military commander, the Northern Legions hundreds of miles away,  and few guards at his manor, was forced to flee to the northern colonies. A once-thought secure region, Chippewa now fell into a haven of scum and villainy, power hungry and fresh out of the fringe of poverty.


  • Simon left behind a fantastical tale that drew treasure hunters for centuries. Ironically, Simon II of York was one of these expeditioners that attempted to find the sword his ancestor lost so many years before.
  • In the flashback sequence from "The Search for the Lost Star", Tyler Meyer portrayed Lord Robert. In the 2015 remake, Meyer returned to reprise the role
    CRH killed by natives

    Tyler Meyer as Lord Robert in 2007's "The Search for the Lost Star"