This film is currently in production with a scheduled completion date of Fall 2014.


Set hundreds of years before and chronicled in the events of The Search for the Lost Star, The Bloody Expedition of the Royal Knights is a bloody and brutal quest to recover the King's kidnapped daughter.


While on a holiday, the daughter of King Richard is kidnapped by members of the Whakki Takki tribe. Ordered by Chief Bhikki Bhakki, his intentions were not entirely clear - but one thing was clear: the princess must be saved. Upon learning about this dastardly act, King Richard demands his best knights assemble before him to embark upon a quest to recover the young princess. Before departing, the King bestows upon Robert, the kingdom's most skilled and respected warrior, The Sword of the Lost Star. After much travelling, the Knights reach the Whakki Takki stronghold and find the princess bound and gagged. Robert immediately removes the gag only for the princess to yell "It's a trap!". The Knights are immediately ambushed and after a very long battle, one-by-one the Knights begin to fall until only Robert remains. Chief Bhikki Bhakki reveals that his plan all along was to acquire the Sword of the Lost Star to deprive King Richard of its possession. Robert fights valiantly but is overwhelmed and defeated. After the battle, Chief Bhikki Bhakki releases the princess and gives her one task: to tell the King that the Sword of the Lost Star will be his forever.

Inspiration for the filmEdit

Inspiration for this film was found when Eric Guenther had suggested we expand upon the events in The Search for the Lost Star. The choice to pursue this concept was made, and I began writing. Hammering out the screenplay was easy since the events that would take place were already sort of laid out in the previously mentioned film. I can't wait to finish filming this one so everyone can see it in all its glory.