Set in the 1950's, two men search for the fabled sole-remaining dinosaur egg; however they are not the only ones after it...


The film starts out with our adventurers heading into the Tall Tale Tavern amid their quest to find the Last Dinosaur Egg. They encounter and interesting fellow serving drinks at the bar who goes by the name of Boosh. While Boosh is telling the two adventurers about where they could possibly find the Last Dinosaur Egg, two shady characters dock their boat at Port Johnson's Resort.

The adventurers set out from the Tall Tale Tavern armed with new information on where to find the Last Dinosaur Egg, with the two scoundrels in tow unbeknownst to them. Eventually they locate the Last Dinosaur egg, but not without trouble from the two shady characters and a couple of powerful sorceress'. Even when our heroes are able to escape and are homeward bound, they are once again ambushed by the shady characters!

Inspiration for the filmEdit

A very long time ago, lets say about 20 years ago, my grandparents and a few of their grandchildren stumbled upon a very unique stone. What made this stone stand out from an ordinary stone? The fact that it resembled and quite possibly may actually be a fossilized dinosaur egg! For years it was just really a token of nostalgia for the Guenther/Meyer families, but since I needed some material for an in-between Lost Star film, it seemed like a fun idea to pull from.

Where is the dinosaur egg now?Edit

It had remained at my grandparent's house until they somewhat recently passed away, at which point it is now and will remain safely in my possession.