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The Search for the Lost Star was the second film made in the Guenther Cinematic Universe and the first prequel film made. It was filmed in 2007 at  the Johnson's Resort in Hayward, WI, and began a new era of Guecisco Films.


The film opens introducing young Raulin, fresh out of the Stormwind Barracks, Simon, a seasoned Knight and former Honor Guard, and James, a young Noble with a lost family fortune and grim determination. The unlikely trio overhere veteran crusaders reminiscing about a newly lost legendary sword. They pass their knowledge onto the young men, explaining that a group of Chippewa Native's kidnapped the King's daughter and killed her rescue party, and now have the mystical sword. The trio then agrees to retreived this "Lost Star", and begin their quest. After a few days of traveling, they encounter the Whakki Takki, Tribe of Bhikki Bhakki, their Chief. The barbarians are quickly expunged, and Chief Bhikki Bhakki is interrogated. In exhange for sparing his life, he grants James the Cloak of Invisibility, Raulin the Wand of Lightning, and Simon the Glove of Flames. He also tells them his hunting team that had the sword was killed by Giants. Bhakki then claims that the sword must be deep into Diandaboon. After following the directing map Bikki Bhakki supplied them, the main group encounters the Tiger Tribe, a cannibalistic native tribe that has a die-hard hatred for the English. The tribe is defeated by the new weapons, and the group continues. Raulin and James save a fishing girl from two Ogres, and she directs them to the docks, where she heard the sword was being taken by Giants. At this point, Simon, Raulin and James are attacked by the crusaders, some of whom had a change of heart about giving up their former glory to lesser men. The two groups duel galantly, but the trio of misfits emerges victorious. After bartering a boat from Chester, the dockmaster, the group is helped by Sorceress Jessica the Great. The young heroes are teleported to Giant Island, and their noble conquest continues...


  • This was the first film that sparked Guecisco Films into returning to "The Lost Star" saga
  • This was the first of many films filmed in Hayward, WI
  • Leroy Guenther made his first and only cameo apperance in the film series as a veteran crusader