Timeline Edit

Ancient Past Edit

  • Chippewa Natives discover and worship the so called "Last Dinosaur Egg"

15th Century Edit

  • King Richard's knights in the new world discover the "Last Dinosaur Egg" and hide its existence, leaving small clues for their followers to find
  • The empire expands and Tarkin is appointed Regional Governor of the New World
  • The Walkii Talkii Tribe kidnaps the King's daughter and uses her to lure the English
  • An expedition of Royal Knights is dispatched to secure her. They fail, and the Sword of the Lost Star falls into Walkii Talkii hands
  • English order collapses in the New World, and the Chippewa Region falls under the influence of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and outlaws

The Lost Star Saga Edit

  • A series of events lead to the eventual rediscovery of the Sword of the Lost Star in the Chippewa Region
  • A new group of heroes arises, Simon, Raulin, and James

20th Century - Rediscovery of the Egg Edit

  • 1950 - The fabled "Last Dinosaur Egg" is rediscovered by Eric "Maverick" and his ally Derek

21st Century - Modern Era Edit

2013 Edit

  • Under Executive Order THX-1238, Congress is put under direct watch
  • War hero and Navy SEAL Tyler Meyer defects with his own militant faction
  • The 45th President of the United States (POTUS) dissolves the Senate
  • Domestic riots and uprisings lead to executive order placing the U.S. under martial law

2014 Edit


  • Tanner, now a Brigadier General for the Rebel cause, has started to question his decisions for defecting.
  • Shepherd, utterly devoted to righting his past wrongs, is completely convinced they are on the right course
  • Meyer isn't entirely sure that Tanner is with them, and the rebel leaders make plans to sabotage the Imperial propaganda's Superbowl showing
  • Bessie, having survived a bullet wound to the back, has

21st-22nd Centuries - Burning Earth Edit

  • Press Secretary Jonathan Williams announces that NASA is dissolved and all assets are reorganized into the United Space Command, a subdivision of the United States Air Force
  • A new planet is discovered within Earth's solar system, codenamed "Planet X"
  • The United Space Command develops an ambitious new project, known as the Ovicater Initiative, a series of shuttles capable far distance travel
  • The Ovicater, the first of a new-line of military-grade spacecraft, is placed under the command of Captain Richard, with Brigadier General Walters assigned as the Air Force's military consultant
  • The ship's maiden voyage went fairly well, but as Rick arrived, unanticipated asteroids caused the Ovicater to crash land on the planet. Of the ships 23 personnel, only the main command crew survived the crash.
  • Richard, Walters, and engineering Sgt. Joseph "Big Joe" Cramer were the only survivors