A newly discovered planet at the edge of our solar system is humanity's last best hope of survival, having consumed all resources on Earth and each other planet in the solar system. A special team is put together and is tasked with evaluating the planet's resource value, establishing a base of operations and if possible, determining whether their efforts will be enough to prolong mankind's survival, if only for a short while.


The crew of the spaceship "The Ovicater" crash lands on Planet X after being struck by a small asteroid. The crew awakes to find that they are being held captive. The three adventurers must now figure out how to survive on this strange and distant planet.

Inspiration for the filmEdit

Created by a young Richard Guenther, War on Planet X became a fequent subject of bedtime stories for my siblings and I growing up. It was my fondness of the concept that drove me to a desire to expand upon this burgeoning universe and create something that people of all ages and walks of life could enjoy and appreciate.